MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami Police say a bizarre situation unfolded at an apartment complex near SW 3 Street and SW 9 Avenue around 6:30 pm Wednesday night because of a wandering child found walking around the building.

Investigators say the child and a neighbor confirmed where the child lived and when police went to the apartment, they found the door open. Police say they walked inside looking for the child’s parents but found something else instead.

“What we did find was one grenade, several assault rifles and an arsenal of ammunition,” said Det. Willie Moreno.

Police say they found the weapons out in open next to the bed.  Police say they haven’t found the girls’ father and  they have lots of questions for him.

“It’s important to locate this individual and find out number one why he left his 3 year old alone in such circumstances with weapons accessible to this 3 year old,” Moreno said.

Police tell us they took the child to the police department and they secured the grenade and guns. After several hours of being evacuated from their homes neighbors were let back inside around 9:00 Wednesday evening.
Neighbors tell us they saw the man with his child all the time.

“I always saw him with his daughter but I never would have thought he’d have weapons in his apartment,” said one neighbor.

The thought of a grenade and high powered weapons so close to them put these neighbors on edge.

“That’s crazy,” said Justin Jasper. “I think the parents should go to jail. I don’t know. That’s insane.”

MIami Police say they believe he knows they want to speak with him and they are asking him to go to the Miami Police Department.

The Department of Children and families has also been brought in to investigate the situation.