MIAMI GARDENS (CBS4) – Family and friends plan to gather, Friday night, to remember a grandson and grandmother murdered inside the home they shared.

The family says both were found inside their home Tuesday bound with duct tape and shot.

Twenty-year-old TJ walker was a college student who moved to Miami Gardens from Jacksonville three months ago. He was living with his grandmother while attending classes.

Seventy-year-old Annette Anderson was a retired minister known for her community outreach and spiritual guidance.

“It was a vicious type of execution 70-years-of-age that you actually bound her up and shoot her multiple times and also shoot my nephew multiple times,” said Virgil Walker.

Carolyn Walker lost her only son and her mother, but takes some comfort knowing the two spent their final moments together.

“She wasn’t there alone and he wasn’t there alone they were together; she wasn’t afraid she was not afraid I’m absolutely sure of that and I know she was comforting my son and telling him do not be afraid,” said Carolyn.

Police passed out fliers in the neighborhood looking for any information on the killings.

The family said no signs of forced entry to the house could be found and speculated either TJ or his grandmother knew whoever was at the door and opened it.

“It’s almost like you have to be just pure evil not to feel something while you’re committing that act preparing to commit that act or thinking about committing that act but then to go through with it that takes a different kind of person,” said Walker.


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