MIAMI (CBS4) – Community leaders are planning a “town hall” style meeting at the North Dade Regional Library next Tuesday night to talk about the George Zimmerman Trial and to appeal for calm, regardless of the verdict.

“We want peace for Trayvon,” said Miami-Dade Community Relations Board member Dr.  Walter T. Richardson.   The public meeting will be held at 6pm at the North Miami-Dade Regional Library.

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A representative of Miami-Dade Police told the meeting the department has no advance indication of trouble, but will be ready to respond with necessary manpower to keep the peace.

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“The trouble makers will most likely be adults, not the young people, and then the students will get blamed for it.   We want to appeal to everyone’s sense of calm ahead of time so this doesn’t happen,” said Judo Bruno, with the Miami-Dade Youth Commission.

The committee said they will encourage area churches to stay open the night of the verdict for those who want to pray and seek counseling from area pastors.

Members of the CRB say they are reaching out to the Miami Heat to request some of the star players help take a leadership role in a social media campaign to appeal for calm after the verdict.

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They’re also looking to use Miami-Dade’s 311 system for rumor control.