PLANTATION (CBS4) – Neyda Osorio has staples in her scalp, bruises on her arms and a black eye. She says the injuries are the result of a confrontation with a Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy working off duty security detail at a night club at 4400 Peters Road.

“The officer is hitting on me like punching and punching and putting me on the floor,” said Osorio.

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It happened as the club was closing early Sunday morning. Cell phone video shows the aftermath. The deputy is holding Osorio on the ground. As for what happened up to that point, there are two different stories.

“This all started when she punched our Sergeant in the face punched him several times,” said Veda Coleman-Wright, Public Information Officer for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy involved in the incident says Osorio appeared very intoxicated and refused to leave the club. He says he put his hand on her shouler to escort her out and she turned aggressive.

“We wouldn’t even be standing her talking about this had she complied when she was asked to leave,” said Coleman-Wright.

Osorio says the deputy is the one who turned violent and physically threw her out of the club. “Pick me up and open the door for my body and throw me on the floor,” she said. She said she feared for her life “Oh my God he’s going to kill me and nobody help me,” she said.

The deputy wrote in the arrest report, “as I attempted to take her into custody, she continued to punch me with an open and closed fist in the face and chest.” At one point he says she “grabbed my groin and began pulling.”

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“He had his radio with him but they ripped his radio from him and all he could do was push the emergency panic button,” said Coleman-Wright.

At one point he says Osorio’s nephew also got involved in the fight.

Osorio insisted she never hit the deputy.

“Never. Never,” she said. “I’m scared. I’m scared.”

Osorio says she was taken to the hospital then to jail. She and her nephew, listed in the police report as Ludwig Galicia were both arrested on multiple charges including battery on an officer and resisting an officer with violence.

BSO is looking into the incident, but says initially this use of force appears reasonable.

“Our deputies are trained to use force to take control of any situation and take control of a person not only for the safety not only of the officer that individual but the other people involved,” said Coleman-Wright.

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Osorio’s lawyer says she’s considering legal action and it isn’t the first time. The lawyer says they also intend to sue over a 2011 incident involving a confrontation with another BSO deputy. The two incidents do not appear related.