BOCA RATON (CBSMiami) – As veteran photojournalists, Joe Cavaretta and his wife Amy Bennett are used to being calm under pressure, but neither of the two expected they would become the ‘headline’ when their second daughter Sienna Grace arrived on the sidewalk just feet from the front doors of Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

“We were right outside the hospital.  If it had happened on the freeway, maybe I would have been a little more nervous,” said Cavaretta at their Oakland Park home where daughter Sienna Grace slept peacefully.

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Early Friday morning Amy said her water broke and she called her midwife.

She also had phoned Emily Robinson, a ‘birth photographer’ who was to document the event.

With Robinson driving behind them, the couple headed to Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

“It was so incredibly painful in the car, but I didn’t for a second think I was about to deliver the baby,” recalled Amy.

When they got to the hospital things moved quickly. She leaned against a pillar and felt the head of the baby.

“One push and out she came. That was my second push. The cord was around her neck and Lori the midwife, un-lopped it and she slithered out like a little fish,” Amy said.

“It was like ‘pop’, very quick. I was happy it was just joy,” said Joe Cavaretta.

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“I was like, that was kind of cool. Wow she just came out,” beams Amy.

All the while Emily Robinson was snapping photos capturing Amy leaning on the pillar, gripping the wheelchair, and the sheer exuberance on the face of Joe Cavaretta after his daughter arrived safely.

“It was crazy and wild but all the way, happy,” said Robinson.

She posted the photos on her blog and they have gone viral.

Robinson believes that people connect with the story, especially the jubilant Joe Cavaretta.

“It was one of those almost spontaneous moments of victory. It shows how happy it was,” said Robinson.

The couple debated only momentarily to allow the photos to go public.

“When she asked ‘can I blog them,’ you know we have issues of modesty and privacy but we ask people every single day to do the same thing, we had to share,” said Joe.

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“What we do as journalists is important. Telling the story is the only way to change things and affect things in the world and that’s what Emily did with this,” said Amy. “And without her, no one would know or care.”