MIAMI (CBS4) – Days after he was shot while sitting in class, 12-year old D’Angelo Marte is home from the hospital.

The shooting happened Friday afternoon at Redland Middle School in Southwest Miami-Dade.

The sixth grader has a splint on his leg and he’s using crutches to get around.

“I was sitting in class and I hear a big noise try to get up and walk and I couldn’t walk and I was limping. Then everyone was screaming ‘He’s bleeding, he’s bleeding’ and I just fell to the ground,” he told CBS4’s Maggie Newland.

Witnesses said D’Angelo was shot when a classmate brought a gun to school in his backpack. The backpack fell on the floor and the gun went off. A couple of classmates rushed to help D’Angelo.

“Some boy took off his shirt, he gave it to this girl, she wrapped it around my leg, put pressure on it,” said D’Angelo who is thankful for the students who helped him.

Following the shooting, D’Angelo was airlifted to Miami Children’s Hospital where he stayed until Sunday afternoon. His grandmother Cindy Eveld said the injury was serious.

“Everyone had the impression it was a graze. It was not a graze. It went through his leg, went through the knee and up through the thigh. It’s a big deal,’ she said.

Eveld said she always felt like D’Angelo was safe at school, but now she wants to see more security. She said she’d like to see metal detectors.

“More money needs to be poured into the safety of our kids and into our schools because this is crazy, this is just crazy,” said Eveld.

The student who is accused of bringing the gun to school is expected in court on Tuesday.


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