MIAMI (CBSMiami) – After a seven vehicle accident left five people hospitalized on Wednesday, one person involved in the violent wreck spoke out from the hospital.

“It was terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible,” said Nancy Sanchez. “I don’t want to remember, I just feel so bad.”

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Sanchez doesn’t want to remember it but the accident scene haunts her. She and her husband were standing at a bus stop that morning when cars suddenly came at them.

“I was standing up with my husband and the gentleman was sitting at bus stop and it just come straight to us,” said Sanchez. “I don’t know why it come straight to us.”

She said she didn’t see the seven cars flying toward her; she only knows that she ended up on the ground along with her husband and 78-year old Trasito Lopez, who was sitting on the bus bench when the cars crashed into it.

“Too fast, in seconds. It was in seconds; my God, my God,” said Sanchez. “I was just lying flat, so I called my husband ‘Are you alive?’ ‘Yes I’m alive.’”

Her husband was alive, but injured.

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“The other gentleman was in the back, my husband was in the middle,” said Sanchez. “Everything was on top of us and then I find out my husband’s leg was in my shoulder and this leg I could not move it.”

Sanchez then screamed for help.

She ended up in the hospital with a broken left femur, her husband broke both legs, and Lopez’s family said he suffered severe injuries. Sanchez said she has prayed for everyone in the crash.

“ God helped me, my husband, the other gentleman and all the person can be saved,” said Sanchez. “I pray for them, it’s awful.”

Sanchez, who lives in Jamaica, was in South Florida with her husband celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. Now, she’s just thankful they survived the horrible crash.

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“God gave me a chance to live,” said Sanchez.