MIAMI (CBS4) – The Biltmore Hotel launched a new advertising campaign to bring gay weddings to the historic Coral Gables establishment. The “Love is Love” video is turning eyeballs; it’s a modern marketing promotion to attract same-sex couples to the Biltmore for their big day.

“The Biltmore is exclusive, but it’s inclusive,” said the Biltmore’s catering director Michael Daab. “We want everyone to come here and celebrate their special day.”

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The video features a gay, lesbian and straight couple getting ready to tie the knot. The hotel is trying to take advantage of a growing market. Dabb says while gay brides and grooms can’t legally get married in Florida, they can still party here.

“It is such an untapped market,” said Dabb. “When New York State legalized gay marriage over $259 million dollars of new income came into the state. That’s money that should be coming to Miami.”

Many hotel guests are shocked by the move, but say the video is fabulous.

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“I didn’t think Biltmore is that open minded,” said Hugh Feist, a member at the Biltmore. “I was really surprised to see it but then I thought it was an awesome idea.”

Dr. Eladio Jose Armesto with Catholic Family Coalition says he thinks the ad will offend people and backfire.

“The Biltmore management is definitely desperate financially,” said Armesto. “I think the Biltmore does [same-sex couples] a great disservice by luring them in to Florida when they can’t actually get married here, so it’s all a big hoax, they are scamming these people.”

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