MIAMI(CBS4) – A new arrest report obtained by CBS4 shows that a Hialeah Police Officer who was arrested over the weekend for drug possession reportedly had crack cocaine and crack pipes in his motel room.

That officer, 41-year-old Tomas Munoz, claimed he was set up after falling in love with an unidentified woman who was connected to a pimp.

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CBS4’s Peter D’Oench says that according to the report, Miami Police received information that Munoz had been buying crack. They reportedly observed him driving a 2004 white Dodge Intrepid with a woman inside.

Police followed Munoz to the Ernesto Motel near on West Flagler Street just east of Lejeune Road. Police knocked on the door of room number one and they say Munoz signed a consent form allowing them to search the room.

Police say they found crack rocks, a crack pipe and a scouring pad.

They say Munoz said to the woman who he was with, “It’s ok Hilda. It’s ok. Things happen for a reason.”

Munoz is charged with one count of felony possession of cocaine and one count of Misdemeanor Possession of Drug paraphernalia. He left the Miami-Dade jail on Sunday after posting $6,000 bond. The judge said that was the standard bond in this case.

Munoz, who’s been with Hialeah Police since 1998, said on Sunday, “This all came about from a love story. I met a girl. She happens to have a pimp. And we fell in love and he doesn’t let her be free. I mean this came about because he set this whole thing up.”

“I’m saying this whole thing came about from that so let me give you his name, Darin James Febus,” he said.

D’Oench reached Febus by telephone but before they could speak, Febus hung up.

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Febus made news on February 8th of 2012 when he and Miriam Scott Dailey were busted at a home at 2021 SW 37th Avenue and charged with grand theft and possession of cannabis. Febus was also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Munoz was not answering any questions about the drug charges or an internal affairs investigation that he was part of prior to his arrest.

“I’m not answering any questions pertaining to the charges,” he told CBS4’s Summer Knowles. When she asked him why, he responded, “I don’t feel like it.”

When Knowles asked him if he felt the charges would be dropped, he said, “That’s up to them. I deal with everything as it comes. The present moment, right now, I’m dealing with this moment here and I’m good and I’m going to be good no matter what.”

Munoz also said he was not upset.

“No,” he said, “that wouldn’t be the best thing for me. My response is what is the best thing for me and that’s why you see what you see. I can deal with anything. You see my attitude. It’s all about your attitude and your response to life.”

Police say Munoz will be assigned to at-home status and relieved of all police duties and powers pending the outcome of the investigation.

Prior to his arrest, Munoz was not only under an Internal Affairs Investigation but he was also assigned to administrative desk duties with no police authority.

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As Munos walked away on Sunday, he said, “You guys take care. I enjoyed talking with you. I’m happy. I am always happy.”