WELLINGTON (CBS4) – There were only 12 bottles made in the entire world.

It’s the Limited Edition Penfolds Ampoule. The deluxe wine encased in handblown glass and set in a handcrafted wooden armoire.

Penfolds spokeperson Lily Lane said,”It’s essentially wine and art.”

The price tag on this exclusive wine? $168,000.

The 2004 Block 42 encased in its art makes it the most expensive wine directly sold from a winery in the world. Penfolds 2004 Block 42 is a rare, single vineyard wine, only made in exceptional vintages and produced from the oldest continuously producing Cabernet Sauvignon vines in the world.

Penfolds commissioned some of South Australian finest artists and craftsmen to collaborate on this unique project to create a work of art containing the most expensive wine.

So where did this rare find end up in South Florida? In Wellington at Star Liquor.

Why? Star Liquor Owner Amit Patel said, “it’s exciting and unique. It’s great.”

Patel stands to make a profit on the wine, of course. He’s hoping to get alot of eyballs that won’t even blink at the price tag at the US Open Polo Championship Games which happens to be right down the street from his liquor store. The championship games happen to be going on the very weekend the Ampoule arrived. Patel brokered a deal with the Polo Club to have the pricey bottle actually on display at their event.

In short, it’s no coincidence that the ampoule and the polo games are in the same vicinity.

Clearly the wine is not for just anyone. It’s for the uber-wealthy wine lover. All 12 bottles have been sold across the world.

The bottle in Wellington was the last one purchased and the only one in the entire United States. Polo Club workers poined out plenty of members who would be able to purchase the Ampoule and were realistically looking into the purchase but they were not interested in going on record.

So, what do you serve with a $168,000 bottle of wine? The polo club Somilier said since it’s from Australia you may want to consider kangaroo. The food and beverage director said a filet mignon or sirloin would be her choice.

First, a purchaser must come forward. When they do they’ll realize there is no cork screw need for this special bottle. It is opened with a specially made sword.

When the owner is ready to drink the wine the winemaker will fly to the owner anywhere in the world and open it for them.

So far, of the 12 sold, none has been opened but when it is we hope for a full report on just how it tastes.

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