COCONUT CREEK (CBSMiami) – Even though the nasty, windy weather has calmed down Friday, there are some pretty big cleanup jobs ahead. When Thursday’s storm rolled in, it knocked down large trees all over Broward County and quarter-sized hail was spotted falling in Pompano Beach and Coral Springs.

Many CBS 4 viewers captured the storm with their cameras.

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In Coconut Creek at The Township near Lyons Road, the storm felled a massive tree which landed partially in a lake.

“I thought the tree was pretty solid,” said Rick Ahrens, who watched it fall from his upstairs window. “Then I was getting a little concerned thinking if this is gonna take down a tree like that, what else is gonna happen here?”

Ahrens said he and his wife will miss the shade the tree provided but he’s happy the tree didn’t collapse onto his building. He also said the tree survived Hurricane Wilma but couldn’t handle a 30 minute thunderstorm.

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In Pompano Beach, Carl Rosenberg captured images of marble-sized hail that fell on his house. But for the most part, he and his kids enjoyed the storm.

“It sounds like rocks hitting the house, rocks hitting the cars,” he said. “The winds were exciting.”

But as quickly as this storm rolled in, it rolled out. Rick Ahrens said the storm provided yet another reminder of our unpredictable weather.

“It was only maybe a half hour long — the entire episode was only a half hour long,” Ahrens said. “Then it stopped raining and it was clear.”

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FPL tells CBS 4 News that less than a thousand people in Broward lost power due to the storm and only a handful in Miami.