MIAMI (CBS4) – There were plenty of ooohs and aaahs on the runway at the Neiman Marcus Merrick Park last Friday as Lubov Azria, the creative officer behind the look of Herve Leger, presented the Spring Collection.

Luvbov and her husband Max Azria are the ‘husband-and-wife team’ behind the labels BCBG and re-launched Herve Leger line. Lubov said there are some are some differences between to the two lines.

“The BCBG woman is working woman. She knows what she wants. She has an incredible fashion style and is at the forefront of fashion,” said Lubov. “Herve Leger’s woman is very strong and powerful and wants to be noticed. That’s the big difference.”

Wearing both BCBG and Leger with price tags in the thousands of dollars, fashionistas came out in full force for the show. Real Housewives of Miami’s Alexia Echevarria showed off her new Leger as did fashionista Jillian Jacobson.

“They suck you in,” said Jacobson. “Whatever size you wear, when you wear Leger, you are one size less and that’s a good thing.”

Inspired by patch quilts from the South and Art Basel, Leger’s Spring Collection is a portrayal of feminine strength with a hard to ignore wow factor. Lubov said showing it off here in South Florida just makes sense.

“The women here are confident. They know how to have a good time. The spirit here is to celebrate yourself.”

Lisa Petrillo


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