MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The South Florida man awaiting trial for the DUI hit and run crash that killed 13-year-old Kaely Camacho is expected to be released from jail on Tuesday to go back on house arrest,  just days after being taken into custody for failing a drug test.

Sandor Guillen had been on house arrest and was ordered not to drink alcohol or take drugs. However, Judge Ellen Venzer ordered Guillen return to jail on Friday after she learned he tested positive for amphetamines, a violation of the conditions of his bond.

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Guillen said that the drug was Adderall, for which he had a prescription for attention deficit disorder. But Guillen could not initially name who prescribed him the medication, and the judge could not get through to the doctor.

Back in court Monday, Guillen’s attorney presented medical records that show he hasn’t seen a medical doctor in more than a year and half and the prescription for the Adderall was being written by an unnamed nurse practitioner at an unnamed Fort Lauderdale clinic.

That nurse testified by phone from Broward.

During her testimony, the judge asked her, “You are not permitted to write a prescription for a controlled substance, is that correct?”

She replied, “That’s correct.”

The nurse said she handed out the prescriptions from blank pads, pre-signed by a doctor.  Judge Venzer stopped just short of telling the nurse and Guillen that she smelled a rat.

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“I think it’s interesting that you went to Fort Lauderdale, but you live in the south, to see a nurse practitioner who is doling out controlled substances. But that’s for another day,” the judge said to Guillen.

In the end, the judge ruled Guillen can be released back on house arrest but he cannot take any more Adderall or any other drugs.

“You will stop taking an controlled substance,” the judge ordered Guillen. He will also have to undergo drug tests twice a week.

Kaely’s mother said she’s worried Guillen was able to get powerful drugs without seeing a doctor on a regular basis.

“I’m extremely concerned. I don’t want any other families to go through what my family has had to go through,” said Angie Camacho. “It was a tragedy to my family. I don’t want it to be forgotten, I don’t want Kaely to be forgotten, ever.”

Guillen is accused of DUI manslaughter in the April 13, 2012 wreck that killed Kaely Camacho, who was riding in her family’s mini-van. As her father crossed a busway at SW 184th Street and U.S.1, it was T-boned by Guillen’s SUV.

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Police said Guillen was illegally driving on the busway, driving roughly 100 miles per hour, and driving with a blood alcohol level approximately three times the legal limit when the crash occurred. Guillen is currently awaiting trial for DUI homicide, which he pleaded not guilty to the charge.