MIAMI (CBS4) – One of the Miami-Dade officers involved in a prisoner escape in Texas which resulted in his partner being stabbed was once shot while on duty, CBS4 News has learned.

The Miami-Dade Police Dept. released the personnel files for both Det. Jaime Pardinas and Officer David Carrero.

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They’ve each received numerous commendations for the service and bravery, and both men have also narrowly escaped death on the job, according the the documents.

Det. Pardinas was stabbed multiple times in the back and neck in February during a prisoner transport.

His partner, Officer David Carrero, knows what it’s like to be attacked in the line of duty, too.

According to his personnel file, he was shot multiple times in the leg and lower torso while responding to a burglary in-progress in 2008.

In an evaluation from that year, the shooting was described as “a heroic gun battle” where Carrero exchanged fire with a suspect who had injured a police K9 dog named Rocco.

Almost 5 years later, Carrero was the officer helping to transport convicted serial rapist Alberto Morales from South Florida to Nevada last month.

Police said Carrero and his partner Det. Pardinas were driving part of the way because Morales was disruptive on the plane.

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They stopped at this Walmart store near Dallas.

Carrero was inside when Morales stabbed Pardinas in the back and neck before running away.

“I was hoping this would never happen,” Det. Pardinas said at a press conference after returning home from a Texas hospital. “For 28 years I’ve always woken up, put on the badge, put on the gun, and walked out and said it may happen.”

Pardinas’ personnel file with the Miami-Dade Police Department is filled with glowing evaluations from superiors and commendations from local leaders.

Carrero has also been honored. He’s credited with saving people from a burning building in 2004.

He did serve a 10-day suspension in 2006, but the reason was not disclosed. Disciplinary action is removed from employee records after two years.

Police in Texas eventually captured and killed Alberto Morales.

Det. Pardinas hopes to be back to work soon.

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The personnel file shows when Ofc. Carrero was shot in 2008, he was back to full duty within 5 months.

Lauren Pastrana