MIAMI (CBS4) – We’ve told you about Bella Rodriguez-Torres, a 10 year old little girl fighting cancer.

Throughout her ordeal, she has remained positive and charitable enough to do a fun BandAid drive for other kids suffering.

But now her family tells CBS4 News that someone is going around trying to capitalize on her severe illness.

They say a guy is knocking door to door explaining he’s Bella’s brother and they need money for her treatment. The problem is, Bella doesn’t have a brother.

Connie Lorenzo said she lives near the Dolphin Mall.  This week there was a knock at her front door.  She said a nice looking man around 18 years old examined to her he was the brother of Bella, the little girl on the news fighting a rare cancer.

Lorenzo is a cancer survivor herself. She said she was intrigued.

“I stood there and spoke to him and asked him,” said Lorenzo. “hadn’t heard about her and i wanted to know.”

She said the guy at the door had an answer for everything.  Lorenzo gave a dollar never suspecting the story was not true.

Then the man collecting money went right next door. Ted Miller answered his door. He got the same story from the man asking for funds for his sick little sister. Miller also donated money. He gave two dollars.

“I gave him a couple of dollars and he disappeared very quickly,” said Miller.

Connie eventually checked out Bella’s Facebook page and wrote a note on there saying she was so happy to have met Bella’s older brother.

Bella’s mother was in Texas at the time where Bella was getting your procedure. Bella’s mother read the Facebook posting and immediately wrote back telling Connie Bella does not have a brother.

That’s when everybody realized there was a scam artist going around taking advantage of a little girl’s tragic situation.

“I can’t believe anyone would do this,” said Lorenzo. “It’s very much unforgivable.”

Her parents are filing a police report as are the people who donated money. The police say this person could be charged with a Felony if he collected more than $300.

Anyone with information on this alleged scammer is urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

Bella’s family tells CBS4 News that they have a legitimate donation site to donate money for her treatments.

To donate money, log on to

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