SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) –  Miami-Dade homicide detectives were investigating a shooting at a Kendall townhome after a teenage boy was shot inside late Wednesday afternoon, police said.

The boy was transported to Miami Children’s Hospital in critical condition with what witnesses said appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head.

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As he was being treated for a life threatening injury, the other people who were inside the home at the time were giving statements to police.

“There were two other juveniles inside the house with an adult,” Det. Alvaro Zabaleta said. “They’re still trying to determine the cause of this shooting. If it was accidental or exactly what was the reason that the firearm went off.”

It’s not known if the two other kids handled the gun or if they were simply witnesses.

Police have not released their ages or relationship to the victim.

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The boy’s name has not been released.

Neighbors scoping out the scene kept their distance behind the crime scene tape, but speculated about what went wrong.

“They have to be very careful, the parents, to keep that stuff away,” Anna Bispo said of the gun used. “The children shouldn’t even know that you have that at home.”

Police have not said what type of gun was used or whom it belonged to.

“It’s very important for those that own firearms to educate your teenagers and let them know the dangers of handling that type of gun,” Det. Zabaleta said.


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Lauren Pastrana