Big Story:
The University of Miami’s statement on steroids is so laughable it’s not even funny. The Panthers pick up the win and two points in the standings and the Heat prepare to welcome in Lob City of the L.A. Clippers.

Quote of the Day:
“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream by night.” – Edgar Allan Poe

University Of Miami/Steroids:
UM is starting to circle the wagons as Major League Baseball looks at the program.
MLB and others are concerned UM may be drug central for performance enhancing drugs.
I’ve been critical of UM at times and supportive at times, but when they issued their statement on drug testing last night that was so patently absurd on its face that it’s not worth reading.
UM’s statement said that since 2005, athletes at the school have been tested more than 10,000 times by the University and that no student tested positive for anabolic steroids.
Not to point out the lunacy of that, but testing for anabolic steroids is, well for lack of better way of putting it, so 1980’s.
Here’s something to remember before UM starts patting itself on the back….
Barry Bonds never tested positive for steroids/drugs. Neither did Sammy Sosa. Roger Clemens. Mark McGwire. I can go on.
But you get the point.
UM put a HUGE asterisk on their statement and used the “well nobody else does it so we didn’t do it defense” in the statement.
“The University of Miami, like many of our peer institutions, the NCAA and many professional sports leagues, does not currently test for Human Growth Hormones.”
By the way, student-athletes, that’s your way around the system if you didn’t already know.
It’s insulting to the intelligence of sports fans.
Look, it’s great that UM tests for steroids, but don’t try to sell me on your drug testing program if you’re not testing for the main drugs of choice among athletes today.
Plus, don’t give me that defense or everybody else isn’t doing it, pathetic.
Here’s what UM’s statement really says.
We test for drugs as they become known and aren’t on the cutting edge of drug testing, even though we have a top medical school as part of our overall program.
You do of course realize, Olympic sports like I don’t know, high jump, has stricter drug testing.
(That applies to any school who tries to make that justification)

Florida Panthers: (off Friday, @ Washington Saturday)
Wow, talk about a change of fortune.
The last time Philly played Florida, the Panthers looked like Kittens facing Godzilla.
Last night, Florida got some revenge and picked up 2 points in the standings.
This week, Florida has won 2 and lost one in overtime, giving them 5 points in the standings this week.
A win over Washington would be huge for the Cats.
Washington is in last place in the Southeast and a win by Florida could push them into second place, just behind the Lightning.
Still, Florida’s Goals For vs. Goals Against is still way out of whack.
How far?
Try 25 goals for Florida vs. 35 goals for opponents.
Nevertheless, Florida is finding ways to win and that’s all that matters right now.
And my favorite player, Huberdeau continues to play well, 3 goals, 3 assists, and 6 points on the season in 10 games.
Not bad rook. Not bad at all.

Miami Heat: (vs. Los Angeles Clippers, 8 p.m., Sun Sports/ESPN)
Yes, your Miami Heat hit the court again tonight looking to knock out one of the toughest outs in the Western Conference, the Clippers.
Man, I never thought I’d write that.
The Clippers….Donald Sterling’s Clippers…Donald “I’m Scum” Sterling
Anyways, the Heat are 8-2 over their last 10 games including the 114-108 win over Houston Wednesday night.
I’m interested to see if the Heat, especially D-Wade, can come out focused and ready to dominate again tonight.
It’ll be the best test for the Heat since the loss to Indiana on February 1 to see how they match up against another great team.
Plus, I’m interested to see how Miami deals with the Clippers’ bigs during the game.
Rebounding should be interesting to watch tonight.

That’s it for today, it’s an abbreviated edition. Been one of the strangest weeks I can remember. Hopefully, next week will be better.
Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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