MIAMI (CBS4) – US Marshals deputies are on the lookout for a 19-year-old man suspected in a murder last Spring who may be back in South Florida.

Investigators believe Pedro Exposito killed 16-year-old Robert Lakatos in botched robbery.

One night, just before midnight, Lakatos and his brother decided to take a walk on the beach near the “Full Moon Drum Circle” at 79th Street in North Beach.

As the two boys walked along the dunes in the dark, Exposito and two other men approached then, according to investigators.

The men then confronted the boys and Exposito attempted to rob them, said Deputy US Marshal Barry Golden.

“He pulls out a handgun and shoots one of them dead,” said Golden.

After Lakatos’ death, his family moved to North Carolina. The feds say it is believed that Exposito fled upstate.

“This is a kid who started out burglarizing houses, robbing people, and now he’s graduated to homicide,” said Golden.

It is unclear to who is helping Exposito. Marshals said that his mother died a few weeks after the robbery and his father had never been prominent in his life.

If you can help lead the Fugitive Task Force to Exposito, please call 877-WANTED2.


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