BOCA RATON (CBSMiami) – The murder of Nancy Bochicchio and her daughter shook Boca Raton five years. The tragedy, Bochicchio called 911 for help only to have her phone cut off, inspired a mother to try to come up with something that might save someone facing Bochicchio’s situation in the future.

The battery powered ‘Trax 24’ is smaller than a cell phone.  It has a panic button, hidden microphone and works through GPS tracking.

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“For a mom with kids you are a target in a parking lot,” says the inventor Michele McCauley.

McCauley says she first got the idea after hearing about the murders of Nancy and Joey Bocchicchio.  The mother and daughter were kidnapped, robbed and found in their vehicle outside the Boca Town Center Mall five years ago.

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“I can guarantee it was not quiet in that car.  She was begging for her child’s life.  She was made to drive to the bank.  If she had Trax 24 all she would have had to do is push the button,” said McCauley.

Once the button is pushed, the panic alert comes into a call center.  The monitor can see where the caller is and hear everything that is happening.  It also pinpoints the nearest police station.

The user can also contract to have text or email messages sent to family members.

McCauley has given one of the devices to Joann Bruno, the sister of Nancy Bocchicchio.  Bruno says if her sister had the device, she would be alive today.

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The device is available online for $149.95. A charge of $34.99 per month will let users connect to a monitoring group in Delray Beach, according to the Sun-Sentinel.