MIAMI (CBS4) – Aviation officials are investigating after two jets collided on the runway at MiamiInternationalAirport early Thursday evening.

Officials say the Aerolineas Argentinas A-340 jet clipped an Air France Boeing 777 as it was parked at the gate boarding passengers.

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The Aerolineas Argentinas plane had 240 passengers on board and had just landed from Buenos Aires.

No injuries were reported.

Passenger reactions ranged from unaffected to angry.

“It’s a big inconvenience,” Teva Benshlomo said as she waited to be booked on another flight. I have no clue how they collided with our plane! Do you know? I mean, how does that happen?

Benshlomo was on Air France Flight 695 about to take-off for Paris.

Nearby, Aerolineas Argentinas Flight 1304 was taxiing to the gate with 240 passengers on-board.

That’s when the crash occurred.

“We felt this big boom, the plane was shaking,” Benshlomo told CBS 4’s Lauren Pastrana.

“We felt a tremor,” passenger Elias Vargas explained. “Some cushions fell on her head.”

Chopper 4 was over the scene as emergency crews responded just after 5 pm.

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The Aerolineas Argentinas aircraft sustained damage to its wing.

The tail section of the Air France plane was damaged.

Passengers took photos of the damage from inside the planes as they waited for instructions.

“The announcement was in French,” Benshlomo said. “The only thing I picked up out of that was that the plane had been hit by another plane.”

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson said the planes were in the ramp area and FAA air traffic control does not direct flights there.

The investigation is ongoing, but some passengers arriving from Buenos Aires have already assigned blame.

“The guy with the red things (did a) bad job,” one passenger said. “Then we crash.”

Earlier this month, two other planes collided at a South Florida airport. That incident happened at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International.

No one was hurt in that crash, and no one was hurt this time either

“Fortunately it wasn’t in mid-air, and fortunately nobody was hurt and nobody panicked,” Benshlomo said.

The National Transportation Safety Board said it’s collecting information to see if it needs to investigate.

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