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After a little winter hibernation, the Sports Agenda returns and what a perfect time, the BCS National Championship game is tonight. Plus, FIU has gone bye-bye ahead of its entrance to Conference USA. The Marlins vowed to not trade Giancarlo Stanton, uh, right. And hockey is..back?

Quote of the Day:
“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” – Lou Holtz

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BCS National Championship Game: (8:30 p.m., ESPN)
If I’ve been asked once, I’ve been asked 1,000 times, who do I think will win.
So without further delay, here’s the answer and it shouldn’t shock you…
So why did I pick the Crimson Tide?
Most of the players for Alabama have been to the big game before and the bright lights of the national championship game won’t bother them.
Saban is arguably the best coach in college football and one of the game’s all-time greats.
He’s got a loaded team of veterans and the best offensive line this side of the NFL.
He’s got a solid quarterback who doesn’t turn the ball over.
Plus, let’s be honest, Notre Dame hasn’t faced anyone the caliber of Alabama.
Now, that said, Notre Dame is going to give Alabama fits with its front seven on defense.
But, again, Georgia’s front seven is one of the best in the country and Alabama just bulldozed them en route to 350 yards rushing.
Now, I don’t expect that to happen tonight, but I also don’t think Notre Dame has the horses to keep up.
Remember, Bama doesn’t substitute…they just send out the next wave of stars to keep coming at you.
Finally, let’s just be honest here…if you give Nick Saban more than a month to get his team ready for a game, are you really going to bet against him?
I’m not, especially in college football.
Ask LSU, Texas, and even teams like Michigan how that worked out for them.
One last thing…something that could spell trouble for Alabama is if Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golston (sp?) starts running the ball well. If you remember, the only team to beat Alabama had a strong offensive line and a running quarterback (Texas A&M).
Final pick: Alabama 27 Notre Dame 14

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FIU Football:
I’m seriously beginning to think FIU Athletic Director Pete Garcia really loves the B-team more than anyone else out there.
He can’t have Rick Pitino, so he hires another Pitino.
He can’t have Norv Turner, so he hires Ron Turner?!?!
Seriously man?
Your plan was to fire Mario Cristobal after one bad season and hire a guy who coached I believe no more than 1 or 2 winning seasons during his tenure at a Big Ten school?
I feel bad for FIU, I really do, because Garcia was grossly negligent in the firing of Cristobal and the hiring of Turner.
The Panthers had finally started to establish themselves as a solid program under Cristobal, now, they are likely relegated to…well, let’s put it this way…they’re going to regret leaving the Sun Belt Conference with Turner as their coach.
Cristobal’s final three seasons at FIU: 7-6 (Bowl win), 8-5 (bowl appearance), 3-9 [18-20 overall]
Turner’s final three seasons at Illinois: 5-7, 1-11, 3-8 [9-26 overall]
Yeah, this is going to work out great!

Miami Marlins:
At this point, I believe about as much that comes out of the Marlins as I do that comes out of Washington.
And that ain’t much.
The latest is that the team is now saying they “ARE NOT MOVING” Giancarlo Stanton.
To which I say, hogwash.
If they got blown away with a deal for cheap prospects, Stanton would be on the first flight out of Miami.
At this point, for his career’s sake, I hope he is dealt.
He’s a great young player with a very bright future ahead of him in Major League Baseball.
Playing for the team in Miami is akin to having to be Donald Sterling’s personal slave.
So, Miami fans, enjoy him while he’s here, because you know Loria ain’t going to open up his pockets to keep him here long-term.

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The NHL is also….back?!?
Wait, what?
Yes, the discussions that moved slower than Congress finally ended early Sunday morning when a deal was struck between both sides.
The NHL has since confirmed a 48-game schedule that should start either January 15 or 19.
That means we finally get to see the Panthers raise their banner!
Hey, I needed to see some slobber knocking hits now that college football and the NFL are almost over.
Too bad it took so long to get here.
Now I have to brush up on my hockey knowledge…this….this may take a while.