MIRAMAR (CBS4) – Surveillance cameras captured an unusual robbery at a Miramar Liquor store.

Earlier this week, the owner of County Line Liquors said a woman stole several bottles of liquor by concealing them in her skirt.

Surveillance video by the liquor store’s cameras show a woman in a long skirt reaching up and taking bottles of liquor off the shelves. They seem to disappear into her skirt. At one point you can see her put an entire box into her skirt.

The owner, Dallas Florence, says a man next to her is helping her steal and a third man is distracting the clerk. Florence who says he was watching from his car outside the store noticed something seemed strange.

“It just didn’t seem right to me reaching up coming down, reaching up coming down, reaching up coming down. It seemed rather unusual,” he said.

Florence says he went inside and looked for evidence she was stealing.

He said, “I tried looking in her purse to see if I see a bulge or see the purse open or anything and I didn’t see either … on her person she didn’t appear to have anything on her.”

When he went back and checked the surveillance video he says he saw the theft.

He says he lost about $200 worth of liquor.