MIAMI (CBS4) – Someone committed a cruel attack on a pair of geese in a South Florida canal. Two large geese were found shot by arrows. One of them died, and veterinarians are still working to save the other.

Animal lover Mary is so concerned about the kind of person who committed this crime, she asked CBS4 to withhold her last name. She told CBS4’s Natalia Zea she found the animals Wednesday with the arrows sticking out of their bodies.

“This is terrible. These are beings, these are creatures.This has to stop. We called the police, they made a report. We’re just hoping it stops,” she said.

Mary and her friends often go to the Kendall canal near Southwest 104th Street and 82nd Avenue to feed the dozens of different types of birds that flock there. She says the geese especially are very smart.

“They’re like dogs, they know their names, they’re beautiful creatures,” she said.

She was devastated when she made the discovery. She rushed the wounded animals to a wildlife rescue. A day later the injuries proved to be too severe for one of the birds. It died Thursday.

The other goose was transferred to the South Florida Wildlife Center in Fort Lauderdale where veterinarians are still working to save her. They say the arrow shot clear through her shoulder-fracturing the wing bone. They say she is critical and are planning to operate.

Mary believes the shooter lives in the area. The canal is fairly private, and located right behind some homes.

“So obviously somebody got this for a nice Christmas gift or something and woke up bored and decided hey let’s go out and kill birds,” she said.

Mary worries the other birds that remain will be used for this cruel target practice next.

“Whoever’s doing this please stop. This isn’t right.”

CBS4’s Zea confirmed Miami-Dade Police are investigating the attacks and they’ve also notified the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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