MIAMI (CBS4) – Friday, December 21st, 2012 rolled around on the round, ancient Mayan calendar and, despite dire predictions from some, the world did not come to an end. Whew.

Perhaps the Mayans intended not to foretell our end, but the beginning of a new era for the world. If so, what might some hope to see as the world turns an epic page?

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On the one week anniversary of the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Conn., Claudine Buzzo made her way to get some organic groceries at the Whole Food market in Pinecrest and hoped for less violence.

“I’d like to see people not be so angry,” she said. “Everybody’s angry these days.”

She blamed lack of oversight and violent media for increased violence in society.

“I think these video games are out of control. I think parents aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in the home,” Buzzo said.

Another shopper decried a lack of leadership for the country, citing the looming “fiscal cliff” crisis and the failure of Congress to act, despite a compromise reached between President Barack Obama and the Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

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“We’ve had a lack of leadership in all respects in Washington,” said Beverly Agardy. “I think they need to look back at how it was years ago when it was a lot more beautiful country.”

As she pondered a new era for our world and our nation, Lorraine Tapanes addressed the issue of hunger.

“We should dig in our pockets and just give as much as we can, because there are a lot of people that are hungry,” Tapanes said.

Another man said society must do more to protect neglected, abused children, in cases like that of Rilya Wilson, missing and believed murdered after the Department of Children and Families failed to check on the foster child for more than a year.

“I think we all need to come together as a community and do a better job,” said Jorge Gateno, who works with a variety of childrens programs.

Mordechai Behar didn’t hesitate when asked what he would like to see in a new world era. No more war.

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“If it’s possible, I would like different nations and different people to live more harmoniously,” He said.