HIALEAH (CBSMiami) – The arrest of a Hialeah couple this week on charges of practicing medicine without a license is the latest among cases of people allegedly practicing various types of medicine without the proper papers.

Samela Hernandez and her husband Pedro, police say, were augmenting backsides in their home on West 70th Street.  Police say a woman came forward, complaining that she received a botched procedure on her buttocks.  When investigators searched the Hernandez home they found all manner of needles, syringes, and vials of fluids.

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The Hernandez house sits on a residential street, burglar bars covering its front door and windows.  Why would someone go to a setting like that for an invasive cosmetic procedure?

“It’s one of those things, like in retrospect, I know I never would have done,” said Rajee Narinesingh on Friday.  Narinesingh is among many victims of accused charlatan Ron O’neal Morris.  Morris, a man who has assumed the role of a woman, allegedly injected Narinesingh’s face with cement and Fix A Flat, leaving Narinesingh, who calls herself a “transwoman,” horribly disfigured.  Morris allegedly had many victims, one of whom died.

Narinesingh said people go to unlicensed providers because they’re cheap, and persuasive.

“This person is telling me it’s medical silicone.  It seemed like a safe environment, she seemed sincere.  I went for it,” Narinesingh said.

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In the Hialeah case this week, police say the victim who first called them said she received injections from the Hernandezes and her buttocks became lumpy and misshapen.  She went back and got more injections.  For two years.  Her rear only got worse.

Narinesingh says she, too, went back to the alleged doctor who ruined her face.

“They say, ‘Oh, you need a little bit more to even it out, this sort of thing happens,’ and it was one of those things like, well, maybe I do.”

Narinesingh has appeared on national television, including the Dr. Phil Show, encouraging others not to fall victim to unqualified practitioners.  She has also recently published  book, “Beyond Face Value, A Journey to True Beauty.”

“Save your money, then go to a certified, accredited doctor.  You can die from this.  It’s dangerous,” she said.

The business of bogus Botox, phony doctors, dentists and Fix a Flat fixers has become so pervasive that the state has established a hotline.

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You can call 1-877-HALT-ULA (unlicensed activity) to learn if the person you’re dealing with has the proper training and certification to do what they’re doing.