MIAMI (CBS4) – Ceremonies across South Florida on Sunday honored veterans who have served out country.

Many men and women, who have returned from duty, have found a difficult job market when the get home.

At a ceremony at Miami’s Jungle Island, retiring SouthCom General Douglas Fraser said Veteran’s Day is significant for those have served and way to acknowledge their hard work.

“It’s a day to recognize the commitment and devotion of our veterans to our way of life and it’s a chance to honor and recognize that service,” said Fraser.

Many of the events marked the day with ceremonies, music and medals, but for some of those military men and women being honored, they’re still struggling to survive.

“For some of them it’s harder than it is for others especially those who are coming out with post traumatic stress,” Harry Ahrens, Commander VFW Post 1966.

The VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) works to help veterans of every generation find benefits and services. The organization said it can be difficult, especially for younger veterans who return from combat and have to re-adjust to civilian life.

“That and the fact that they can’t find jobs here too right now,” said Ahrens.

“Being a younger person, they come back thinking they should get a job,” said Gary Pirtle, Quartermaster VFW Post 1966. “It’s just very hard, the economy is down right now.”

Some veterans have gone back to school in order to find work.

“They’re trying to find a new niche because they were trained to be in the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and that training, as far as a job opportunity, is not there so they have to get retrained just being back into civilization not being in the military is very tough, it’s a transition for sure,” said Pirtle.

The VFW does offer programs to help veterans adjust to civilian life.