MIAMI (CBS4) – South Floridians are showing their generosity by donating to victims of Hurricane Sandy, but local non-profits say they’re in need of donations as well as the holiday season approaches.

The Chapman Partnership provides housing food and job training to 6,000 homeless people every year in Miami-Dade.

“They help with the daycare, they help with food, with clothes, looking for jobs,” explained Yusledy who receives help from the organization.

Barbara, who says she and her family would likely be living on the street without the Chapman Partnership.

“This is one of the few places that will help you with everything you need if you’re willing to make the effort and if you’re willing to actually help yourself,” she said.

The organization depends on donations for nearly half of its operating budget, but with so many people in need in the Northeast right now, the organization says finding new donors can be difficult.

“There’s always a concern that funds will be diverted locally when there might be a national tragedy like Sandy or the campaign season especially at the end of the year when you see the community giving more and more to non-profits,” said Holly Woodbury with the Chapman Partnership.

The CEO of non-profit Feeding South Florida says it has not seen any change in donations to its food bank following the hurricane.

“As a matter of fact our donors are asking how they can get involved as well and contribute even more to those affected areas,” said Paco Velez.

Many non-profits hope that as the holidays approach South Floridians will continue to give.

“As they support other needs across the country which is important it’s just about reminding them about the good work we do locally along with other non-profits to make sure some of the funds stay here in their own backyard,” said Woodbury.


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