MIAMI (CBS4) – Do you hate lines as much as I do?

According to some estimates, an average American who lives to 70 wastes about three years waiting!

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But that’s the average American, not the types who camped out this morning for the grand opening of the new H & M store on Miami Beach.

Really?  Camping out to get into a clothing store?

We’ve gotten used to people who spend days in line to get their hands on whatever new product Apple comes out with, but that doesn’t make it any less crazy.

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The worst are the lines we didn’t ask for.

We now know we have some of the most dedicated voters in the country in Miami-Dade County because some waited more than six hours to vote, thanks to the ridiculous incompetence of our elections officials.

Patience is a virtue, never tested more than in what I think are the most annoying lines of all: at port-o-potties at sporting events and concerts.

You wait forever and the prize is getting a little time by yourself in a port-o-potty… whoop ti doo.

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At least when you wait in line at the Apple Store, you come out with an iPhone.