MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami Heat forward Shane Battier for President? If you listen to his Heat teammates, it’s the most likely scenario if anyone on the team ever wanted to take up politics.

“Shane and JJ (James Jones) would be the top two candidates,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade told “They could run against each other. I don’t know which one would be a Republican, but those two guys, we respect them so much in the locker room.”

“(Battier) could do whatever he wanted to,” Heat forward LeBron James told “He could be the mayor of Detroit or the governor of Michigan. He could go back down to Tobacco Road and do something there, he could do that too.”

Regardless of who the Heat think could make a successful run for political office, the team said just getting out to vote was crucial.

“Our guys are very active and it’s good to see,” Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra told ESPN. “It’s all about educating yourself on the candidates and making your voice heard.”

Still, trying to sift through the political rhetoric and distortions in the campaigns has proven difficult for voters. It’s compounded by the overwhelming onslaught of campaign ads that have saturated the airwaves in the Sunshine State.

“There are too many of them (ads),” Heat center Chris Bosh told “None of them have been funny. They’re all serious. It’s just like dang, they make each dude seem like it’s just bad. I thought it was about togetherness.”