MIAMI (CBS4) – Staten Islanders have long called their home the “forgotten borough.”  And that was before the horrors visited on New York City’s least populous borough by Superstorm Sandy went ignored for days!

Until yesterday, the only Sandy picture you’d probably seen from Staten Island was of a tanker beaching itself.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, we learned  Staten Island may be the place where Sandy was at its worst.

More people died there than anywhere else; houses were demolished; some homes were moved hundreds of yards from their foundations; and people were left hungry, without clean water, food, dry clothes or power.

It’s possible politicians such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer simply made more noise and got more attention.

It’s tougher to understand why New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg didn’t act earlier, despite the huge problems in Manhattan.

And, no matter how much money the New York City Marathon generates, it was inconceivable to see Bloomberg insist on using city resources and workers for a race that starts on the main bridge to Staten Island.

He finally reversed his decision after the huge outcry from Staten Islanders and many others.    Let’s hope the sudden focus on the forgotten borough will finally bring its residents the help they need.