BOCA RATON (CBSMiami) – President Barack Obama enters the third and final debate with a two point lead over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the latest CBS News/New York Times Poll released Monday night.

The lead for President Obama is within the margin of error for the poll, meaning the race is a statistical tie. The CBS News poll found that four percent of voters are uncommitted, but, a total of 11 percent considered themselves uncommitted, meaning they are undecided or could still change their minds.

The third presidential debate will focus on foreign policy, which is one of Obama’s strong points in the CBS News poll. Overall, voters favored Obama on foreign policy to Romney by a 50-41 percent margin. On terrorism and security, Obama had a 49-42 percent lead.

But, on the issue of China, the candidates were tied at 44 percent and on U.S. policy towards Israel, Romney held a 46-42 percent lead.

On the question of what to do with Iran, more than half of Americans believe that Iran’s quest to enrich uranium can be contained with diplomacy. Twenty-two percent believe that military action is required now, while 17 percent said Iran is not a threat at this time.

Overall, the president’s approval rating in the poll is now 49 percent with a 42 percent disapproval rate. That’s in line with his overall performance since last May.

Forty-two percent said they expect Obama to win the third presidential debate, while 34 percent said Romney will pull out the victory in the final debate.


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