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Super Bowl 50 or Super Bowl L, has a nice ring to it doesn’t it. Guess what South Florida, be ready to pony up some big cash for it or it’s heading to the left coast. The Dolphins have a major problem with their backup running back. The NHL puts the puck back below the red line of the players. And the Heat return to the court tomorrow night in Miami for the first time since last June, well, outside of the scrimmage.

Quote of the Day:
“Without health, life is not a life; it is only a state of languor and suffering – an image of death” – Buddha

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Super Bowl/Miami:
So Miami have you figured out what’s going on yet?
You’ve got a couple of options….
1. Leave Sun Life Stadium alone and don’t pay for the major renovations that are needed to make it a top-notch NFL stadium again
2. Pay for the renovations and reap the benefits, but lose out in the short-term as taxes will have to go up.
Tough choice huh?
The NFL wants its teams in the best stadiums in sports, and it helps that the NFL is a nearly $10 billion a year industry.
The NFL is accomplishing that in San Francisco area with a brand new stadium being built that should be ready in time for Super Bowl 50.
But, Miami has hosted more Super Bowls than anyone and there’s a pull at the heart strings to hold Super Bowl 50 here.
So, the NFL narrowed down the decision to the Santa Clara stadium and Miami.
In other words, the NFL just told the city and county of Miami/Miami-Dade to either put up or shut up.
The NFL wants Super Bowl L in a state of the art stadium, and that doesn’t mean another Club Liv in the stadium.
The NFL is dangling this carrot out there in front of Miami to try and get the changes they want made.
It will be a historic Super Bowl to say the least and one where everyone will want to say they were there.
Obviously, a lot will ride on the upcoming Super Bowl in New York.
If it snows and is a disaster outside, it will boost Miami’s image.
But, without major changes, even that’s not enough to push Miami ahead of a brand new stadium.
So as I said before….Miami – Put up or shut up about having the Super Bowl return to South Florida.

Miami Dolphins: (off this week)
I saw a blurb in the Miami Herald that running back Daniel Thomas returned to practice for the first time since suffering a concussion earlier this season. It was his second concussion in a month.
See, this is where the NFL’s culture amongst its players has to change, especially today.
Thirty years ago they may not known, but today there’s no excuse.
The players are too afraid to take care of their own health for fear of losing their job or being perceived as weak that they don’t take care of themselves.
Kind of a microcosm of society when businesses have that much power over people’s lives, welcome to the new machine I guess, because that’s life today in the real world.
But I digress.
Back to my point, Thomas shouldn’t be playing for a good month or so after suffering his second concussion.
It’s also not saying much about the medical staff when they say that players who suffered concussions can go back in the game the next week (I’m looking at you Washington Redskins).
Look, I’ve suffered multiple concussions myself and they do a lot to change your mind, whether you notice it initially or not.
There’s a direct causation between concussions and depression and though I suffer from depression, when I did suffer a concussion it made it worse.
Yet, the Dolphins’ and the NFL’s answer is to give him a bigger helmet.
A multi-billion dollar industry and that’s the best they can come up with? The fact that Thomas and the medical staff are a willing partner in it is even worse.
When I suffered one of my concussions I was held out of physical activity for six weeks.
Now you’re telling me a guy who’s had two in as many weeks is ready to go back out and get tattooed by a 350 pound man?
Regardless, with Thomas out, it opens the door for Lamar Miller…..if he can ever learn to run block.

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NHL Update:
Yes, we could be closer to playing hockey again.
Basically, they can still get a deal done and play hockey for an 82 game season if they can close the deal in the next week or so.
The owners pushed the deal back to the players on Tuesday agreeing to a 50-50 split in hockey-related revenue,
Good step one.
The owners deal will cover six years with an option for a seventh.
The league wants to kill lifetime contracts…a great thing.
Rookie contracts will be limited to two years.
High end rookies could get paid closer to market value sooner.
The owners set a salary cap at $59.9 million, but teams can go up to $70.2 million during a transition phase.
Salary floor would be $43.9 million.
It’s a pretty good deal for the players, and very much in line, at least on the revenue split and salary cap with the NBA.
Now it’s up to the players to make the next move.
A deal must be in place by October 25th for a full schedule to be played, the NHL said Tuesday.
One thing to watch, no more games have been cancelled this week…that’s a good sign during the lockout.

No time for the @MiamiHeat today, but we’ll get to them tomorrow ahead of their first home preseason game!

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