MIAMI (CBS4) – A reality star’s son is in the spotlight, accused of battery on a homeless person.

Miami Beach Police say they want to talk to Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria’s son, Peter Rosello.

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They have enough evidence to arrest Rosello, authorities said. As of Thursday night, he was not in custody.

Police want to talk to Rosello after a YouTube video posted earlier this week shows a young man, who police believe is Rosello, punching a homeless man in the groin as he slept.

The 36 second clip begins with a man looking at the camera saying, “punching a hobo in the [genitals].”

It was posted by a user that goes by the name “Mike Jones”.

The video shows a young man approach a homeless man, then punch him in the groin, before running off.

It was posted Tuesday. By Thursday night, it had about 300 views. Police say it was also posted to Rosello’s personal Facebook page. It was removed by Thursday evening.

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Among those who’ve seen the video are Miami Beach Police detectives.

“I was going to give you five dollars,” the man says as he approaches the sleeping homeless man police have identified as 62-year-old Gary Lee Brown.

Instead of giving him money, the video shows a man using his fist to pound Brown’s groin.

The man in the clip runs for about 20 seconds with the camera rolling before getting into a car and driving away.

Authorities say Brown identified Rosello.

If arrested, Rosello could be charged with battery on a homeless person, Miami Beach police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez said. The charge is a 3rd degree felony.

Thursday night, Alexia Echevarria’s husband Herman, a former Hialeah City Council President, sent out a brief note saying, “We are not commenting on the unfortunate situation our son is involved. Thank you.”

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Police tell us Rosello has an attorney and they have been in communication with authorities.