Big Story:
Holy calendar Batman it’s October! So let’s see what did we have this weekend…FSU struggled before pulling away. UM snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. Mizzou clawed out a victory over UCF (yikes). The Dolphins play phenomenal, until the end of the game. And some news on the Heat that is not so good.

Quote of the Day:
“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” – Saint Augustine

College Football:
First, to quote Vince Lombardi “What the hell is going on out there?”
Did any college football team not named Alabama forget how to play defense this weekend?
It was like watching an old run-n-shoot game from Houston back in the 1990’s when they scored 80 plus against SMU.
Baylor and West Virginia looked like a PS3 game.
But dadgum what a day for the Heisman frontrunner Geno Smith.
There’s good, great, and then what that kid did against Baylor.
Smith was 45-51 for 656 yards and 8 touchdowns!?!?!?!
Think about that for a minute….he threw more touchdowns than incompletions.
And he needed it because his defense gave up 587 yards through the air and 63 points on the scoreboard.
That just ain’t right.
West Virginia discovered what many teams before them have…the Big XII defenses…yeah, not so good.
And about those SEC defenses….
Georgia and Tennessee combined for 95 points and roughly 1038 yards of offense.
UT just needed to hit the x-button to get that last touchdown.
FSU looked hungover in the game against USF before pulling away in the fourth quarter.
It was one of those games you have to survive, and play again next week.
Miami, I just don’t know what to make of you.
3-0 in conference play and 4-1 overall. But the one game you played against top-notch competition was when you were humiliated by K-State.
But this weekend you get a chance to TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF.
Course you have to do it against Notre Dame in Chicago, but it looks like the offense is at least clicking. Stopping Notre Dame’s offense, yeah, not so much.
Paging Missouri’s offense, if you could please show up for a game Tigers fans would appreciate it.
Seriously, having to escape against UCF and now heading back into SEC play….YIPES!
Arkansas, nice knowing you. Enjoy the ride to a possible 3 win season.
LSU, yeah, struggling against Towson State isn’t going to impress the pollsters.

Miami Dolphins:
The bad news is you lost a second-straight heartbreaker.
The good news is you FINALLY have your quarterback.
Tannehill played out of his mind yesterday en route to throwing for more than 400 yards in the game.
Yes, he struggled at the end and in overtime, but he kept the Fins in that game.
Plus, wasn’t it nice to see the ball get thrown down the field? (I’M LOOKING AT YOU MIZZOU OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR DAVID YOST)
Sometimes in a loss you gain something in the long term and I think that’s what the Dolphins did.
Look, Tannehill is going to struggle this year and probably some next year.
But for the first time since….well, a long time, the Dolphins look like they finally have a quarterback to build around long-term.
Now, a couple more weapons for him and some better blocking and you’ve got a nice offense humming along.
Speaking of humming along, man who shot Cameron Wake out of a cannon yesterday?
He must’ve watched Chris Clemons on Monday night and said, I can top you bro.
5 tackles, 4.4 sacks and 5 QB hits.
Take that Seattle.
And what got into Sean Smith? 4 pass deflections and 2 interceptions?
A little better play from the rest of the secondary and you’ve got a win there possibly.
But like I said, this is building for the future and for the first time since I’ve been in Miami, the Dolphins may have found the light at the end of their dark tunnel of misery….maybe.

Miami Heat:
It was kinda glazed over on media day, but the Sun-Sentinel picked it up.
Ray Allen said his ankle problems will linger through the season and be something he has to manage.
He had offseason surgery to repair bone spurs in his ankle after the Heat disposed of the Celtics.
That was supposed to fix things.
Now he’s saying he may be less than 100 percent throughout the season.
Look, I’m sure Riley and Spo knew about this before he was signed.
But, it’s something to keep an eye on as the season progresses.
Also, don’t look for Wade to start the season.
Remember folks, in the NBA it’s not about October through April…it’s only about April through June.
It’s going to be another fun ride with the Heat this season….but they’ve got contenders to face as we’ll see in the coming months.