GAINESVILLE (CBSMiami) — After eight days of holding out hope that Christian Aguilar would be found alive, they now know he was murdered.

After a week of searching through dense woods, police finally announced the operation shifted from a search-and-rescue to a recovery.

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Gainesville Police’s Officer Ben Tobias said the department charged Pedro Bravo, Christian’s friend, with murder. Bravo is currently in jail.

Sadly, the Aguilar family has no closure, as the body of Christian Aguilar has yet to be recovered.

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“That moment destroyed my family. They’re broke and still broken,” Christian’s father, Carlos, told CBS4 on Friday.

Christian’s family is more determined than ever to find his body. They refuse to sit by and grieve; they want to lay him to rest and to make sure the case remains strong.

“I’ve been told if we don’t find Christian’s body, unfortunately [Bravo] can walk and I will not let that happen,” said Carlos.

Christian’s family says he will always be a part of them, regardless of whether he is physically with them.

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“I still feel that my son is still alive, in my heart. He will always be remembered here in my heart,” said Carlos.

Ted Scouten