MIAMI (CBSMiami) – How selfish are you? When someone turns their blinker on in traffic to get in front of you do you let them or do you speed up? A South Florida CEO is focusing on the ‘unselfish world movement.’

He wrote a book and created a website to teach all of us the value of paying it forward. CBS4 put his creation to the test. After all, in this busy world are you just focused on you, or do you remember there are other people around to consider?

The book, Unselfish World, sets out to make you think before you act. CBS4 rounded up three 20-somethings, known as the more selfish generation, to check out the book.

We started with FIU student Melissa Caceres. CBS4 asked Melissa on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most selfish, on how she would rank herself.

Melissa said, “I’d rank myself of 6.”

Twenty-year-old Steven Payne and 24-year-old Daniel Jurado said they didn’t really think they were selfish people overall, but they were willing to go through the test.

CBS4 asked the 20-somethings a series of questions outlined in the book. We asked Steven if he ever played music with no regard to the people around him. He replied, “Yes, all the time.”

We asked Daniel Jurado if he ever left a mess for others to clean up. Daniel said, “yes, of course.”

We asked Melissa if she ever took two seats when one would do. With her purse sitting in the seat next to her she laughed and said, “yes, I have.”

They could all admit they knew when they were being selfish. So, CBS4’s Cynthia Demos gave each 20-something a copy of the book; while they were reading away Demos tracked down the author, CEO of MSC Cruises in North America, Rick Sasso.

“If we remind ourselves often enough we may end up doing that unselfish act instinctively,” Sasso said.

The author has travelled all over the world and studied behavior. He said it boils down to people not thinking. His book is just a vehicle to get people to his website where people can share stories and learn how to get more people involved in the movement.

Sasso will also speak to corporations and try to get the unselfish world premise into mission statements for major companies across the globe. After all, Sasso said, “it’s easier to be polite than it is to be selfish.”

So what kind of effect did this book and website have on our twenty-somethings? We checked in a week later.

Steven said, “I noticed that the book made me more aware of all the small things.” Melissa concurred saying,”I like the message that was put out by the book.” Daniel agreed, “it was a nice refresher reinforcement.”

Daniel said he became a more courteous driver on the road. “It’s basically living the example,” Daniel said. Melissa gave up her seat on the bus and said, “It doesn’t take much effort on my part.”

Melissa had ranked herself a six on the selfish scale before reading the book with 10 being the most selfish. She now said she’s about a 4 1/2. Steven said he actually bought lunch for two strangers.

“It makes you feel warm on the inside,” he said.

So if the book could have a positive influence on the so-called ‘selfish generation’, they say imagine the effects it could have beyond them. Steven summed it up, “it actually makes you a better person through and through.”


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