MIAMI (CBS4) – A new manicure claims to last two to three times longer than a traditional manicure but at what cost? The system is called the nail gel system.

A University of Miami Miller School of Medicine study looked into what kind of damage the fast, long-lasting manicure may cause and it may cause you to second-guess whether you want it.

“We found that after the manicure the nail plate became thinner,” said Dr. Antonella Tosti.

Dr. Tosti is a world reknowned nail expert and author who helped conduct a study of the effects of the new gel nail system.

So how does the no chip nail process work?

A base coat, two coats of polish and a sealer are cured between each layer by uv light. The process that makes it last however also makes it more difficult to remove than a regular manicure.

Pads soaked in acetone are supposed to be wrapped around the nail for 10 to 40 minutes, or more, depending on the brand.

Manicurist Jessica Knepper said beware of manicurists taking shortcuts.

“They’ll try to scrape it off and pry off the nail for speed,” Knepper said. “That is not the proper way to do it.”

Improper removal led to Catherine Mcbride partially losing a nail.

“The nail bed was raw and bleeding,” McBride said.

Four patients in the study had problems after having shallac manicures including weakness, brittleness, and thinning. A 5th subject who had an opi-axium manicure suffered diminishing in 20 percent of her nails.

Manufacturers of CND Shallac and OPI said there is no nail damage when the tech follows the directions. Dr. Tosti says the UM study focused on improper removal!

“People need to know when they get the manicure they go back to the professional using the same brand for the removal otherwise they are going to ruin the nails,” Tosti said.

Consumers say to them the lesson is learned that if you take a short cut you pay the price. Dr. Tosti told CBS4 if the manicure is removed improperly and your nail suffers damage it would take about six months to fully repair.

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  1. i think this article needs to be updated bcs the materials used in nail products are more advanced now…

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