CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) – A Broward County Public Schools facilities manager who worked at Country Hill Elementary in Coral Springs has been transferred to a position away from children after his arrest over the weekend for alleged indecent exposure.

Mark Stephen Lynn has been charged with exhibition/child under 16 and two counts of exposure of sexual organs.

Coral Springs police say Lynn was sober when he was taken into custody.

Lynn posted bond and the Broward School District re-assigned him on Monday.

“We have to ensure that every adult that is around our students are individuals that we don’t have any particular concerns about,” said Superintendent Robert Runcie.  “When we find there are issues, we act on them immediately.”

According to the incident report a 12-year old girl, who is a neighbor of Lynn, was looking for her cat when she saw him standing in front of his apartment overhang, under a light, nude.

“It was all dark,” remembered the girl. “So I saw this bright light and I looked and I saw a naked man. After that, I went inside and I told my mom and dad.”

At first the girl’s mom said she thought her daughter was mistaken.

“She came in. She had a funny look on her face and I happened to go straight out with my husband and sure enough he was standing there naked staring at our unit,” said the mom. “So that was a little creepy.”

The mom and dad said they called police as they continued to monitor Lynn.

“He proceeded to go in and out of his house about four or five times, completely naked and he would just stand at the end of the curb staring at our house,” she remembered.

This is not the first time police were called after Lynn was allegedly spotted naked outside his apartment. Police say they have been called to the apartment twice in the past for similar behavior.

One of those times was about a year ago when a teenager who was 15 at the time said she saw the same thing.

“My curtains are see-though so I seen a guy standing like he was like this and that’s when I opened it and he was naked and I run upstairs and told mom she called the cops,” said the teen.

Her mother said she declined to press charges at the time because Lynn said he was drunk. But she said the problem continued.

“I always see him like at night when I come home and if I look out the window I’ll see him standing right there just standing there naked,” said the mom.

Coral Springs police say back in July of 2010 another neighbor called police to say Lynn was walking naked near a pond.  That neighbor declined to press charges.

On Monday Coral Springs police could be seen removing two boxes from the school.

Parents of children who attend Country Hills Elementary expressed concern that Lynn has been working around children

“It’s upsetting, unbelievable,” said parent Joyce Petrillo.  I know the principal will do everything she can to address the situation.”

Another parent lamented that her kindergarten age child has to hear about the allegations.

“This shouldn’t be something they hear about at age five.”

Parent Richard Saxton said he’s witholding judgment while the investigation goes on.  But he says he’s relieved that Lynn has be re-assigned.  “He’s not here anymore so he can’t be doing it again.  It’s better than it was.”

Lynn has been with the Broward school district since 1996.


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