NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – Dozens of Northwest Miami-Dade residents are concerned there may be a cancer cluster in their neighborhood, and they believe the source is a nearby metal recycling plant.

“We saw all these trucks passing through with stuff on it, and you could see there were a lot of things they were recycling that looked like they had harmful liquids in it,” said Resident Dinet Galop-McCoy.

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Shortly afterwards, Galop-McCoy says she and her neighbors started noticing mounting health problems in their neighborhood.

“Well, they say this one is sick and that one is dying,” said Galop-McCoy.

She said there have been eight cancer deaths in her neighborhood in the last year alone, and she and her neighbors believe it stems from the King Metal Recycling Plant.

“We couldn’t figure out what caused this new trend,” said Resident Antoinette Moss.

Moss told CBS4’s Summer Knowles she is confused and increasingly concerned because her asthma has been worsening, and so has her two son’s asthma.

“As an asthmatic we have to be careful with house dust, so can you imagine it with chemical dust?” said Moss.

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Resident Juan Heredia has been collecting the dust, calling it proof of the ongoing pollution. He said when metal is cut at the plant, smoke is emitted and travels across the street to his home.

“I don’t even let my granddaughters play outside in the backyard anymore,” said Heredia.

“We want the health department to look into this seriously to see if the deaths are related to this place,” said Galop-McCoy.

“We need help and we need it right away,” agreed Resident Bobbie Harden.

The Miami-Dade County Health Department found out about the health concerns through a Google alert.

“Our mission is to protect the health of the public and we’re here, and we’ll look at all the environmental factors and scientific factors, genetic factors and maintain communication with these families that have the concern until we come up with something that makes sense to everyone,” said Health Department Administrator Lillain Rivera.

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CBS4’s calls to the plant have not been returned.