MIAMI (CBS4) -Ten days after he was reportedly beaten and left for dead by three robbers in downtown Miami, 22-year-old skateboarder Rene Betancourt has left Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Betancourt spoke with CBS4’s Peter D’Oench as he was taken from the hospital in a wheelchair and where his loved ones say there has been a remarkable recovery.

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“I’m a lucky guy,” he told D’Oench. “I’m in pain but I just want to go home. I have had a lot of support from my family and I needed it. I am grateful.”

Betancourt’s father Rene said the outlook was grim when his son was admitted to the hospital two weekends ago.

Betancourt said three men beat him brutally and stole his wallet that had $20 inside it along with his drivers license and a debit card.

He said the attack happened at Northeast 3rd Street and Biscayne Boulevard as he was planning to meet some skateboarders.

“Now he’s going home and doctors tell us there’s a good chance there will be a 100 per cent recuperation,” said Rene’s father. “Now I just hope that somebody will have enough conscience to come forward and say what happened.”

“I feel good, thanks for asking,” Rene Betancourt told D’Oench as he was taken from the hospital.

According to the police report, he suffered a fractured skull, fractured left orbital bone, a laceration to the heat, and had blood clots in his head. He wasn’t admitted into the hospital until hours after the attack because he apparently tried to drive himself to the hospital.

He underwent two major brain surgeries including one in which doctors inserted a titanium plate in his fractured skull.

In addition to his head trauma, which doctors said was inflicted by a blunt object, Betancourt’s nose was broken, several of his teeth were knocked out and his left eye was injured.

Betancourt’s father said his son will need months of rehabilitation and surgeries for his shattered nose and an operation on the orbital bone over his eyes. Betancourt does have double vision.

“I’m feeling good right now,” he said. “I am waiting for the images to merge and then after that it’ll all be easy.”

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Despite the viciousness of the attack, he said he is not angry.

“I mean, things happen every day,” he said.

His father told D’Oench that his son told him at one point that “God will forgive the attackers.”

When D’Oench asked Betancourt if he remembered anything about the attack.

“It’s a blank,” he said.

Rene’s father said he now wanted the focus to be on the search for those who did this to his son. D’Oench asked Betancourt if he would like to see them caught.

“Yeah,” Betancourt said.

He did not, however, want to comment too specifically about the attack and said “no comment” when asked about his attackers adding “Whatever happens, happens.”

“I just want to go home,” he said.

Miami Police have no new leads and no description to release of the suspects.

Anyone with information that can help police should call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at (305) 471-TIPS(8477).

A hospital source tells CBS4 News that Betancourt’s medical care could cost about half a million dollars.

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The Jackson Memorial Foundation started a fund a week ago to help Betancourt’s family with medical expenses. Neighbors 4 Neighbors is also assisting Rene Betancourt’s family.