FT LAUDERDALE (CBSMIami) – A summer storm kept many South Floridians indoors Monday.The sky served as a backdrop for a lightning storm. In Fort Lauderdale, cars slowed down. They weren’t enjoying the show, but rather wading through several inches of floodwater along Broward Blvd.

“It’s a very big issue. There’s flooding everywhere,” Yvonne Langavel said. “It’s been like this since I lived in Florida my whole life.”

The rain spanned much of the area, from Miami-Dade to Palm Beach. One man driving from West Palm to Fort Lauderdale was just glad the 30 mile drive was done.

“It was raining the entire way,” Vernon Samlal said “It’s misty rain. We call it white rain.”

No matter what you call it, it left South Florida soaked.

Side streets were flooded near Las Olas. Most outdoor tables sat empty.

A family of four on vacation from Portugal sought shelter from the storm.

A group of friends tried to wait it out, but eventually, it was time to go home.

“We’ve been here for like two hours trying to buy time to get back to our cars,” Ksenia Saavedra said. “I thought it was going to be a really quick thing but it’s turned out to be the whole night.”

Saavedra’s friend is visiting from Washington, D.C., but says this weather wasn’t surprising.

“I used to live here so I’m used to it,” Christy Vega explained. “But this seems to be sticking around for a while.”

Emergency officials warn drivers to slow down on wet roads to avoid hydroplaning. Motorists should steer clear of puddles if they don’t know how deep they are.


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