MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Las Vegas has long been known as “Sin City,” but according to a new survey from Trojan condoms; Miami may be ready to mount a stiff challenge on that claim.

The Trojan survey found that Miami residents have the highest rate of sexual satisfaction (73 percent) of any major market in the United States.

Additionally, the Magic City is home to the highest average of sexual encounters per year at a whopping 177 times.

Miami fell short of Atlanta when it came to the most sexually adventurous population (71 percent) and exhibiting the highest sex drive (7.2 out of 10).

Elsewhere in the survey, technology is popping up plenty in the sex lives of Americans. The survey found that 23 percent have engaged in “sexting,” 16 percent had sent a naughty photo or video, and 22 percent have participated in phone sex.

Breaking it down by gender, men think about sex 15 times a day, versus women who think about it four times a day. When it came to faking it, 19 percent of men said they have faked an orgasm versus 60 percent of women.