MIAMI (CBS4) – The 50 Shades Trilogy is heating up lives and heating up sales of certain sexy items.

The three steamy ‘mommy porn’ books are making women think of things that haven’t crossed their mind before or maybe hasn’t in a long time.

The books are being credited now with increased sales of sex items like Oxytocin (not to be confused with Oxycontin).

Forty-nine year old Toni Sherwood says with the help of that pill she is “back to being younger again.”

Sherwood underwent rounds of chemo for breast cancer which she’s beaten.  Along the way she said it killed her libido but then she met sexual health Doctor Ivan Rusilko who prescribed Oxytocin for it’s off label use, not approved by the FDA.

“It allows her to have an orgasm more powerful and multiple orgasms as well. Oxytocin is produced naturally. Extreme excess leads to trust and that’s why it’s called the cuddle drug,” said Doctor Rusilko.

Now it’s also being dubbed the “50 Shades” pill.  Sherwood said if the height of passion before was a ’10’ this pill makes it a ’15’.

She says she takes it like a daily vitamin. The Oxytocin helps you relax to the point where you can let your inhibitions go.

People are also doing just that at adult stores like Playthings in Miami.

“I’m now getting husbands with shopping lists from their wives,” said Roman Gonzalez, who works at Miami sex shop Playthings.

The store even has a table filled with the items references in the books.  Workers there say they have a whole new clientele.

Customer Vanessa Delgado said she read all three books and specifically bought some items because they were in the book.

“It’s a movement,” she said.

A movement that’s meant a 30 percent increase in sales at the adult store.

With the help of the book and the new found aid of the Oxytocin and it’s off label use, Sherwood said, “It started making me feel sexy again!”

The romantic, fantasy driven, steamy novel’s meant a real life change for her.

“It’s a good thing for everyone to feel good,” said Sherwood.

Oxytocin is about $2.50 per pill and the sex items run anywhere from $20 to $200.