MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A new “deal” making the rounds on social media sounds too good to be true. In exchange for sending them your social security number and banking information, the federal government will pay you electric bill.

If you hear about this “deal” on Facebook or Twitter, don’t buy it – it’s a scam.

Florida Power and Light said this phishing scam has spread quickly through social media. In the message, the scammers are telling FPL customers that a third party, in most cases the Federal Government or President Obama, will pay their utility bill in exchange for their personal information.

FPL has notified the State Attorney General’s Office and the FBI about the scam.

FPL customers who use unauthorized banking information to pay their utility bill will receive a letter stating their payment was invalid and will still be required to pay their bills. For more information on protecting yourself from scammers go to