MIAMI (CBS4) – If you want to make it to 100, get some sleep!

New research from United Healthcare studied baby boomers and centenarians asking the latter about their secrets to aging success.

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The biggest difference between the old and the not-so-old: the centenarians get a lot more sleep.

71% of them reported getting eight hours or more of sleep a night.  Only 38% per cent of baby boomers do.

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There’s also a bit of a gap when it comes to diet.  More than eight in ten centenarians say they eat balanced meals while only 68% of boomers do.

Still, a lot of boomers will reach 100… 600,000 are expected to be centenarians in 2050.  There are fewer than 75,000 now.

The centenarians and boomers surveyed were also asked to choose a favorite dinner guest from among fourteen famous people including the President, Paul McCartney, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

The top choice for both groups: Betty White.

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Some things and people clearly get better with age.