MIAMI (CBS4) – As folks across South Florida follow the epic series between the Heat and the Thunder, one question emerged: How much do folks in South Florida actually know about the state of Oklahoma?

As CBS4’s Jim DeFede discovered the answer is not very much.

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote that in order to defeat your enemy, you must know your enemy. Fortunately for Heat fans, the Art of War didn’t include a pop geography quiz.

Time and again fans outside the America Airlines Arena fans were unable to find Oklahoma on a map of the United States. Fans were likely to pick Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and even Nevada before stumbling upon Oklahoma.

General knowledge wasn’t much better. Asked for the official Oklahoma state beverage – most Heat fans picked beer and whiskey. The correct answer: milk.

“Who would think milk,” noted an 11-year-old girl who thought the official beverage might be Coke. She then added incredulously: “Out of every beverage in the world you pick milk?”

And no one we spoke to could sing the words to the state’s song, “Oklahoma.”

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