MIAMI (CBS4) – The probe into the strange disappearance of a Miramar mother grows deeper.

Vilet Torrez, 38, vanished more than two months ago.

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On Monday, Miramar police released surveillance showing what they believe is Vilet Torrez driving her minivan into her gated Miramar complex early the morning of Saturday, March 31st.

Phone records show she then placed two calls to her estranged husband Cid Torrez.

“She was locked out of her house and could not get in.  Somebody would not let her in,” says Clarissa Garcia who was best friends with Vilet Torrez.

Cid Torrez has confirmed he was in the home at the time, but claims he knows nothing about Vilet Torrez’s disappearance.

CBS 4 has confirmed that Cid Torrez left the complex in his own vehicle later that morning and returned several times that weekend.

On Monday, CBS 4 has learned that he phoned his wife’s employer, Bath Fitter in Doral, to ask if she had shown up for work.

According to a co-worker, Vilet Torrez’ family and her best friend, Vilet had said a couple of months before she disappeared that she was worried about Cid Torrez’s health.

“Cid had told her that he had a terminal illness and was given six months to live and somehow the same doctor extended him for another six months,” says Clarissa Garcia.

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Vilet Torez’s sister also says that Cid would on occasion say he was having a heart attack and ask his wife for an aspirin.

Clarissa  Garcia says Cid Torrez would leave for weeks at a time and told his wife he was undergoing treatment.

Garcia says she has not lost hope, but as time evaporates she is fearful she will never see Vilet alive again.

Miramar police have said that they believe foul play is involved in Vilet’s disappearance.

Meanwhile the tension between Cid Torrez and his in-laws has expanded since the Department of Children and Families returned the three Torrez children to Cid Torrez’s custody under court order.

The attorney for Cid Torrez,  Richard Della Ferra has warned Javier Blanco, Vilet Torez’s brother to stop making statements against his client.

Javier Blanco believes Cid Torrez played a role in his sister’s disappearance and has made public statements about the case.

In a letter send to Javier Blanco, Della Ferra wrote,

“While you might not believe me, I respect the fact you are a grieving brother whose sister is missing and the worst is feared.  I also respect the fact you hold the opinion that Cid is responsible and frankly within the privacy of your own thoughts and your own home, you have the absolute right to that opinion. However you are a lawyer and as such you are subject to the Rules of the Florida Bar. I therefore demand that you cease and desist from your public comments declaring my client guilty of murder.  This case may never to trial.  However if it does your comments are contrary to the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial.”   

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In response, Blanco wrote, “I’m extremely disappointed by the route Richard has decided to pursue.  My family has been destroyed by these events and to add salt to the wound in this manner shows bad taste and poor professional judgment.  Me and my family are victims of what we believe was a brutal, selfish and cowardly act.  The Rules of Professional conduct are rules of reason.  They should be interpreted with reference to the purposes of legal representation and of the law itself.  The rules are not designed to be a basis for civil liability.”