MIAMI (CBS4) – Few songs become huge hits.  Even fewer become full-fledged cultural phenomenons.  “Call Me Maybe” is one of those rare ones.

It started as Carly Rae Jepsen’s bubblegum pop song about a girl who hopes for a call from a crush.

Then, the Harvard baseball team’s lip-synced, choreographed version on a van went massively viral… that’s what a fifty-five-grand a year Harvard education gets you.

SMU’s women’s rowing team turned the Harvard version on its head, literally.  Both made national news.

Miss U.S.A. contestants and Donald Trump weighed in, and today, so did the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.

Now, they’ve somehow found President Obama saying all the words in the lyrics and edited them together to have the Commander-in-Chief appear to be singing the catchy tune.

Who has the time to put something like that together?

You’ll want to click on the links we’ve provided to all the versions mentioned.

You’ll hear the President sing about “ripped jeans, skin was showing” and how “other boys try to chase him.”

This is crazy. Enjoy.

Actual video:





Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders


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