MIRAMAR (CBSMiami) – A telling clue may have been made in a call to 911 concerning the disappearance of a Miramar woman.

On Tuesday police released the tape recorded on April 2nd when Cid Torrez called to report that his wife Vilet, 38, was missing. Sounding slightly distracted, Torrez told the operator he remembered seeing his wife on the previous Friday, but not after that. He then made a statement which some have viewed as an admission of guilt.

Torrez: My wife is missing.

Operator: Is Missing?

Torrez: Yeah.

Operator: How long?

Torrez: Uh up until, uh I don’t know, uh Saturday she wasn’t here alright. And Friday, uh matter of fact yeah Saturday Morning, Friday night she didn’t come to sleep. And then I don’t know about Saturday and then, uh now Sunday I definitely did it.

Operator: You did what?

Torrez: I mean uh, it was 1 o’clock she didn’t show up either.

Operator: Okay, so she’s been missing since Friday?

Torrez: Uh yes, I guess.

In a statement, Torrez’s attorney, Richard F. Della Fera, said the “specific statement ‘on Sunday I definitely did it’ refers to his calling Vilet’s mother. Any suggestion that this statement is an admission of some sort is utterly preposterous.”

Torrez then went on to describe his wife but could not recall what she was wearing the last time he saw her. He said she ‘supposedly’ left for work Friday and never came back. He also told the operator that he had received no phone calls from her and both their cars were in the parking lot.

Operator:  Does it look like she took anything with her?

Torrez: That’s what I was gonna tell you right now. Both of her purses are there in the house. There’s no cell phone and there’s no personal wallet with all her information.

Operator: It’s at the house?

Torrez: No, its not in the house.

Vilet’s brother, Javier Blanco, heard the 911 call for the first time Monday, a day before they were released to the media.

When he spoke with CBS4 Tuesday evening, he said he wanted to hear the call again.

As he listened to the 6-minute recording, he shook his head in disbelief as he heard the caller misspell Vilet’s name and give her incorrect age.

“He can’t even spell his own wife’s name,” Blanco said. “He doesn’t even know how old she is.” The caller said Vilet was 37. Vilet was 38 when she disappeared.

Blanco found it strange Cid Torrez told police he spent the night at the couple’s Miramar home that weekend.

“He hasn’t slept there for 3 months, decides to stay over that night,” Blanco said. “And that’s the night she disappeared.”

Blanco believes the line where the caller said “I definitely did it” is an admission of guilt. He says he’s surprised Cid has not been named a suspect in the case.

“I’m taken aback by why he’s not being lynched,” Blanco said. “And I also hope he’s being watched all the time and that everybody’s judging him for the person that he is.”

On Saturday, surveillance cameras captured the image of her vehicle with a woman behind the wheel entering the gated complex her family lived just after 5 a.m. on Saturday.

“That morning, she has trouble getting in to her community on the residence side, so she backs up, and goes in to the visitor side,” said Miramar Police spokeswoman Tania Rues. “Based on information that we have and evidence, everything matches,” Rues said. “She should have been arriving home at around that hour.”

Phone records provided to CBS 4 News by Vilet’s brother, Javier Blanco, reveal once she made it in the gate, she made two phone calls, both at 5:19 a.m., and both to her husband Cid’s cell phone.

“(She) called him twice, twice at 5:19,” Blanco said. “This completely contradicts every story that he’s told. He’s said that she never called.”

Torrez, who is considered a person of interest by police, said he was home with the couple’s three children that Friday night and Saturday morning.

Della Fera said his client was sleeping at the time Vilet arrived in the neighborhood.

In regards to the phone calls, Della Fera wrote, “Cid did not receive any phone calls from Vilet and any assertion that Vilet spoke to him is inaccurate speculation. The time, number and length of the calls suggested by the phone records only show that she attempted to contact Cid at a time when he was asleep.”

He asks that anyone who saw Vilet in the neighborhood that morning please call Miramar Police.