MIAMI (CBS4) – You’ve all heard how South Florida is New York City’s sixth borough, but a new poll shows our New York connection is getting a little ridiculous.

The Quinnipiac University survey shows that in a state with only two major league baseball teams, the Miami Marlins are the third favorite baseball team.

That’s thanks to the New York Yankees.

The Bronx Bombers are the most popular team in the Sunshine State, followed by the Tampa Bay Rays and then, getting no respect, the hottest team in baseball, the Marlins.

Sure, the Marlins have only been around for nineteen years, the Yankees have their spring training in Florida and there are an awful lot of New Yorkers here, but the Marlins are in second place and they have the coolest stadium around.

The one consolation for the Marlins is that they are tops in their neighborhood, with forty four per cent of Southeast Floridians picking them over the twenty five per cent who prefer A-Rod and Jeter.

As a reformed Yankee fan, I say, go Marlins! I want to see a World Series in that new park!